Inner conflict.

How do I explain these mix feelings that I get? I’m trying not to act on my impulses, the mind of my younger self. The urge to indulge in mere light flirting with willing outsiders as I feel more and more neglected in this fragile relationship. It isn’t my doing, this isn’t my fault. My heart is in intensive care due to your mind games and my soul is devising an exit plan while my brain is pacing back and forth trying to rationalize and reason with my subconscious that my heart does have a chance, it will survive and be stronger. ” please don’t give up just yet!” My Brain pleads to the group in the recovery room while my heart is still knocked out after yet another heart open surgery proceeding one of your latest incineration of its vulnerable walls. My gut stands up and shares that at this point it has a strong feeling that this is all too abusive, you are too hurtful, inconsiderate and selfcentered. My subconscious agrees that our focus should be on nurturing my heart back to health and my brain adds that there is no need to be emotionally abused, deprived of affection and financially drained. My soul thinks I deserve better, My heart will pull through and We will rebuild my confidence. Starting with the one intellectual who stimulates my brain, one old flame who calms my heart, a spiritual prospect who soothes my soul, and one adventurer who pleases my gut. And my subconscious suddenly comes forward as My heart opens its eyes. ” let’s go home, to our inner peace, red lipstick and dancing shoes”. You hold no exclusivity over any part of me anymore.

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