I have this strong feeling of rage. I don’t know if it’s just rage or also disappointment, but it feels so powerful. If my feeling was an element it would be this burning red flame consuming everything around it as it gains momentum.

You have given me so much rage, you started this unrest within me, that gave birth to an untamable fire. Amid your neglect, arrogance and selfishness, I am left to burn internally to save you from yourself. Because you are unable to move past your own insecurities.

I hope for you this rage dies down, fizzles out on it’s own before I explode leaving you with the aftermath. Not one single thing in this relationship is cared for by you, yet you like to claim all the beauty of everything in front of your audience. Hence the confusion about the lack of mention or credit for the Bitch who made it happen, the superwoman without the cape who keeps you afloat in these unpredictable waters. I pray someone sprays me with water, showers me with love, affection and care. I have no problem burning down everything to the ground that I build up. Beware of the heat.

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